The Menlo Difference

Menlo Dental Transitions is not a ‘broker’ in the typical sense of the word. We are a business evaluator. As a buyer, we will make sure what you are buying is valued properly…not for the shiny equipment or nice new coat of paint and lobby furnishings, but for the ability to help you be a profitable dentist and business owner. We focus on the fundamentals – profit margin, patient count, quality/type of patient billings, demographics, overhead, lease, etc.

As a buyer, you want someone to look out for your best interest and vet it from an independent perspective and know they have an obligation to fight for your best interests. The seller of a dental practice will usually have a dental broker, his/her attorney, accountant and, in some instances, a consultant working in his/her best interests. You, as a buyer, need representation also. Having good representation can save you money on a sale and, more importantly, confirm what you are buying. A practice transition is full of complexities that can inadvertently be missed by a well-intentioned seller and/or their broker. Our philosophy is based on win/win transitions.