Dental Practice Appraisal FAQs

1Q: How long will my dental practice appraisal take?
A: Your dental practice appraisal will take two to four weeks from the time our team receives all necessary materials.
2Q: Do you have to complete a site visit?
A: No, a site visit can be helpful but is not necessary to complete your practice appraisal. We include a site visit when possible; otherwise we will use photos, videos, equipment lists, aerial shots and demographics to help us determine a value.
3Q: How do you calculate the value of a dental practice?
A: We use proprietary lists of recent transactions of practices with similar characteristics, revenue, profits, insurances accepted, employees, equipment and geographic region. We put equal weight on revenue and your total business profit over the last three years.
4Q: Is an appraisal a stand-alone service?
A: Yes, we offer appraisals as a stand-alone service. We are contracted by all interested parties: buyers, sellers, attorneys, buy-ins, and generational transfers.
5Q: Do you only value practices in Arizona?
A: No, we have completed practice appraisals from Alaska to Maryland and everywhere in between. We can value practices anywhere and use technology to facilitate the process.