How To Navigate Dental Support Organization Transactions

Menlo Dental Transitions is dedicated to getting its clients the best return on investment possible, and while that is often through traditional avenues, DSOs have recently emerged as a viable and profitable option in the dental practice selling space. Menlo has worked hard to build strong relationships with local, regional and national DSO buyers and private equity firms, so we can present you with a variety of opportunities when it comes to selling your practice. 

DSOs are professionals when it comes to negotiation, so we strongly recommend that you refrain from responding to unsolicited offers or attempting to negotiate a deal without proper representation. To protect your business interests, you must have a professional on your side when it comes to these transactions. Each year, Menlo represents dentists in DSO transactions valued at over $2 million, and we have the experience, connections and knowledge to ensure that you are in control when it comes to DSO sales. Working with Menlo will enable you to find the ideal fit, highest price and most favorable terms available, so you can walk away from the transaction and your practice with confidence.