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April 15, 2019
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April 29, 2019

How Are Your Dental Front Office Skills?

dental front officeWhile it’s true that dentists and dental hygienists have the most hands-on interaction with patients, there is no question that your dental front office staff members are critical to maintaining your patients’ satisfaction. After all, your dental front offic staff are your frontline people who make the first and last impressions when patients call or visit. How does your dental front office staff create a winning experience for your patients? And more importantly, would you make an appointment at your own office?

Skills Your Dental Front Office Needs

As the frontline of your business, your dental front office staff must be knowledgeable, patient, and personable. To test out this important component of your business, you may want to consider having a friend or family member call your office to see how they are treated.  It’s good practice to check in regularly to ensure that your dental front office team is representing your practice as you expect them to do.

Of course, keep in mind that one call is not necessarily an indicator of poor customer service—or good, for that matter. Even with the best training, individuals have bad days, forget to focus, and make mistakes. Touch base on separate occasions–and at varying times–to see how your team holds up.

Provide Ongoing Training

One of the differences that you can implement right now is to provide your dental front office staff with training. This should occur before they begin their roles but also as they remain part of the team. It’s likely that you’ll change offerings to share with patients and perhaps systems, so be sure to provide the support your associates need to be successful and create a warm customer experience.

Along with training, be sure that you hire friendly people to begin with. While you can train your team on how to do the technical aspects of the job, it’s much harder to train their personalities. In this vital position, you need to ensure you have a good fit. Your business may depend on it.

Menlo Dental Transitions is happy to provide support to make your dental practice successful. When you are ready to sell, we can help make that transition smooth as well. Contact us to learn more.

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