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September 9, 2019
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September 23, 2019

Sell Your Dental Practice With Menlo

sell your dental practiceIs the time approaching for you to sell your dental practice? Many dental practice owners try to sell on their own, thinking that it will benefit them in the long run. But, like pulling a tooth without local anesthesia, there can be pitfalls in the process that may cause owners some pain. Our team at Menlo Dental Transitions can safely guide you through that process. Here are three reasons why it’s better to partner with an expert in the business:

1. We market your practice to the right people while keeping it confidential.

Reputation is everything when it comes to a dental practice, and at Menlo Dental Transitions, we understand how valuable that is. Practice listings go directly to our website and are marketed in select dentist publications, so you can be sure that they are only seen by potential buyers and not your staff.

2. It costs much less to sell your dental practice with Menlo than doing it alone.

From appraisals to negotiations, we use tried and true methods to determine and maintain the accurate values for your practice. Should you base the value on percent of gross revenue, profitability, or cash flow? Our knowledgeable brokerage team can help you find the answers to questions like these.

3. Selling with Menlo saves a lot of time and stress.

Let’s face it, selling a dental practice can take time and patience. Or, it may go quickly and smoothly. Either way, you only get one shot to make the right impression. And selling on your own is like taking aim and firing in the dark. But when you’re with an experienced group like Menlo Dental Transitions, you can make that shot count to its best potential. We’ll do the heavy lifting for you so you can continue to focus on your career and maintain the value of your practice until it sells.

These three examples above are just a few reasons why it’s so much easier it sell your dental practice with us than by yourself. Whether you are thinking about selling your practice soon or sometime down the road, no time is too soon to plan ahead. Experience the Menlo difference for yourself and give our team a call, or send a message on our website at your convenience.

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