Dr Bruce Schwartz, DDS

If you are looking to sell your dental practice or better yet buy a dental practice than I urge you to take the time to read this review. Especially, in these tough unsettling times you need an ethical hard working professional team on your side. Look no further, Matt Porter and his team at the Menlo Group will be by your side every step of the way. When I first interviewed the Menlo team I was impressed by their vast knowledge and their ability to answer my questions immediately and not give me the boilerplate answer, “let me get back to you on that”. I did not just come upon Matt Porter, he came highly recommended by professionals in the banking industry that work with many brokers throughout the valley and nationwide. Their fiduciary was to me and not based on financial gains. After choosing Matt Porter and working with him behind the scene I was able to get to know him on a personal level. I got to learn what makes him tick. His love for his wife and children, his commitment to his church and and community and his passion to succeed. With his success comes his client’s success as well. Many obstacles arise when selling a multi million dollar practice. Matt’s immense business knowledge, degrees and certifications reduced my anxiety as he was able to put together a prospectus on my practice which led multiple buyers to the table wanting to purchase. Then through his experience he was able to assist us (my wife and I) in determining who would make the best doctor to pass the baton to. We were looking for a transition that not only made the most financial sense for ourselves but for our staff as well as our patients. Matt delivered multiple doctors that fit this description but one stood out from the rest and I have Matt to thank for that. After practicing for over 25 years your patients become more than a number they become an extension of your family and I wanted the best for them. I didn’t want to see my dental practice go down the corporate route. Thank you Matt from the bottom of my heart. The practice was my baby, my life and because of you it will continue on.