Dr C Ford, DDS

Today the sale of my 38 year practice is closed! I had attempted to sell last year without a broker and it was a disaster. First of all, the purchase price was way too low (no evaluation), the buyer was a bully and it was extremely stressful and in the end after thousands in Attorney’s and Accounting fees and months of anxed it did not go through. This time I decided to just get a valuation and see. I wasn’t sure I was ready to sell. It turns out the value was nearly 400K more than my previous buyer had led me to believe! Matt Porter gave me an honest valuation with all of the back up information to understand the true worth. I decided to go for it with a no risk listing. Immediately we had a full cash offer, then another as well. It was simple and stress free for me. Yes, the commission was high, but it was so worth the anxiety and energy that was wasted previously. I highly recommend Menlo Transitions and specifically Matt Porter to handle your transaction. This is a tough time in dentistry and after 38 years I feel very comfortable moving in to retirement! Thanks Matt and Karli!!