Dr Jared Pope, DDS

I have worked with Menlo Transitions on the acquisition of multiple 1M+ practices as well as having them sell multiple practices for me as well, so I write this from a broad perspective. I’ve been involved in over a dozen practice transitions in my career and the experience with Menlo was fantastic, the best hands down. They made what sometimes can be a difficult process as easy as it can be, through consistent timely communication to digitally handling signatures and documents. They took care of everything and were able to bring creative solutions to the hurdles almost always encountered in the process. Their team is honest, hardworking and they have a real world understanding of the transition business. Matt and the staff (shout out to Karli) provide constant communication, good experienced advice and a clear understanding of the process. They are aware of and take care of all the small but important details, which I think is extremely important, especially for a first time buyer or seller, those not as familiar with transitions. I would highly recommend Menlo Dental Transitions to anyone looking to buy or sell a dental practice.