Dr. K Wachter, DDS

We recently were able to transition our dental practice with Menlo. The practice had been listed for a year and a half with another broker and we had very little activity and the prospects that were brought to us were not suitable candidates. Matt Porter had a candidate for us in thirty days which was amazing due to the large number of potential buyers that contacts Menlo. What was even more amazing was the attention to detail, the sheer professionalism and experience that came to light as the transition process unfolded. I have bought and sold several dental practices and Menlo Dental Transitions is far and above the best broker anywhere. When you make a decision to sell a practice, it is wrought with emotion and difficulties. Matt Porter and Kali made it smooth and seamless. I can’t begin to say enough. They are the best. Don’t even consider hiring anyone else! Dr. Wachter