Dr I Moayedpardazi, DMD

I started my search for dental practice over a year ago, and in that time met with many of the brokers and dental reps in town. What struck me about Matt, was how open and honest he was with me. He wanted to make sure I found the right practice fit for me and my personality, and wasn’t about getting an office sold to me ASAP. He was honest with me the entire time during my search, and when the opportunity to buy the office I am at now came up, I knew that Matt had my best interest in mind. Not only did he match me with a fantastic office, he made sure to pay close attention to match personalities between the selling doctor and I. An office transition can be a big deal for both staff and patients, and to have a new doctor come in with the same mindset, personality and character as the selling doctor can be hugely beneficial.

The process of buying the office is a long and often new experience for many of us, as it was for me as a first time buyer. Both Matt and Kali were AMAZING and were there for my wife and I whenever we needed help, guidance or recommendations. Whether by phone call, email, or text message, the promptness of both Matt and Kali was incredibly helpful – especially when working in a time sensitive situation like an office transition.

I know technically Matt and Menlo represent the seller, but to be totally honest, it really felt as if they were there representing my wife and I as well. I was incredibly impressed with the way they do work and would highly recommend them to anyone looking to buy or sell their practice. They are incredibly professional while at the same time providing a stress free resource in the stressful world that can be dentistry and dental transitions.

Menlo has helped a very good friend of mine purchase several practices and now I can say they have helped me as well, and I couldn’t be happier with the decision to go to Menlo. Thank you both Matt and Kali.