The Menlo Difference™

Menlo Dental Transitions wants to ensure that you reap the financial benefits you have worked years to create. When you partner with Menlo, you’ll be able to confidently value, price and sell your dental practice for a maximum return on investment.

Menlo brings a wealth of business acumen and operational and financial experience to position your practice at the top of the market. We speak to the fundamentals that attract buyers: profit margin, patient count, quality and type of patient billings, demographics, overhead, and lease options.

At Menlo, we put you first. We know selling a practice can be stressful, so we discreetly handle every detail while you focus on patient care. There are no unwanted calls or visits to your office, no publicly posted pictures, and no open houses. We want your staff and patients to feel loyal and cared for until the end. Finishing focused and strong makes good personal and financial sense for both you and your potential buyer.

You have an asset that took years to build, and you only have one chance to make the right sale. Selling a practice is complicated and getting any less than the highest market value is a tragedy. Working with Menlo will allow you to continue to service patients, employ staff, and transition to the next phase with maximum profits and assured confidence.