How Dental Practice Appraisals Help Set Realistic Expectations
November 30, 2022

To DSO, or Not to DSO, That Is the Question

Female dentist wearing mask and holding dental tools

By John Shirts, CVA, CPA, CFA, Vice President of Appraisals and Data Analytics

The dental industry is abuzz with talk about dental service organizations (DSOs) and similar corporate groups that help manage the business side of running a practice. We have heard many rumors about fantastical valuations and evil DSO empires. Many in the industry have picked sides in the debate.

However you feel about the current DSO trends, your decisions are best made with accurate information. Menlo Dental Transitions has years of experience helping dentists navigate the confusion and determine which path is right for their practices and patients.

Consider a dental practice appraisal as a first step. You’ll receive a professional valuation by a certified appraiser based on your practice information and market data. Your appraisal can be oriented to represent what the DSO market can realistically offer you.

An appraisal is also commitment-free. You are not obligated to sell at any time, but you will have a clear understanding of what your practice is worth. If you ultimately decide to list your practice with Menlo, we will refund the price of the appraisal at close.

DSO sales are a viable option for many doctors. Dentists who receive updated appraisals often feel more empowered no matter the direction they decide to go. Contact us to start the practice appraisal process.