Why Hire a Menlo Certified Valuation Analyst™

We all understand the importance of hiring an educated, current, credentialed and certified professional when we want a task done right, and finding the right appraiser for your dental practice is no different. At Menlo we have the only board certified dental practice appraiser in the state, and he is dedicated to understanding the pulse of the market, continuing education, professional standards and providing the highest level of service on a consistent basis. When you trust this task to someone less knowledgeable or invested, you only get an opinion. When you trust it to Menlo, you get facts and a certification. Using a credentialed appraiser allows you to protect yourself and defend your investment.
When it comes to appraising a dental practice, there is no Kelly Blue Book or Zillow, and each practice is highly individual and complicated. The final number depends on tangibles and intangibles and qualitative and quantitative factors. At Menlo, our expert combines his professional and industry knowledge, our wide base of comps and recent transactions, astute financial evaluations, and our careful knowledge of the market to come up with a number that is fair for both parties. Menlo has a unique, proprietary list of hundreds of practices sold in Arizona, which allows us to select comparable dental sales that have similar geography, technology, number of operatories, insurances accepted, revenue, and profit levels so you get the most realistic quote possible, backed up by recent transactions and facts. When it comes to a transaction as large and important as a dental practice, care taken upfront yields immense returns at the end. Receiving a certified appraisal is one of the most important things you can do when buying or selling a practice.