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September 2, 2019
Sell Your Dental Practice With Menlo
September 16, 2019

Should I Sell My Dental Practice?

sell my dental practiceYou may be wondering, “Should I sell my dental practice?” When considering this major life decision, there are a number of components that must fit into the equation to make sure you are ready to proceed. Knowing the steps and the keys to having a successful sale can put you in the driver’s seat both financially and professionally. Here’s what you need to know:

How Can I Sell My Dental Practice?

  • Use a broker: Don’t worry, you don’t have to go it alone. Partnering with a seasoned broker is critical to get the best possible buyer and price for your practice. At Menlo Dental Transitions, we specialize in making sure things are done right. Our experience and practical know-how directly benefit you when your are ready to start the dental practice transition.
  • Know the worth of your practice: Do you know what your practice is worth? Is it located in a prime area of the city? How many patients do you have? What are your financials? All of these things are needed in order to properly assess the business. Staying on the positive side of things is always a plus.
  • Prepare properly: Getting your dental house in order is key in making your dental practice an attractive one for potential buyers. You should do whatever you can to enhance the current business before you ask yourself, “Do I really want to sell my dental practice?” Our team at Menlo Dental Transitions assists our clients by reviewing their financials, evaluating their staff and office protocol, ensuring their online presence is up to speed, and integrating the latest software to improve processes. We also assess the integrity of the building and its internal space to see if any updates need to be made to the furniture or appearance of the overall practice.

Your Solution to a Successful Transition

At Menlo Dental Transitions, it’s our job to make sure your marketing components are intact and working on your behalf throughout the transition. This is how patients remain patients and referrals are obtained for the new practice. There must be a concrete plan in place to make a smooth exchange, and we specialize in helping previous owners and new owners ease into the new practice with as few glitches as possible. When you have finally decided it is advantageous to say, “Yes, I want to sell my dental practice”, there’s no other solution than Menlo Dental Transitions. We’re here to help you every step of the way.

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